Client: Frankie magazine (for Inkygoodness Collective design challenge - Concept only)
Brief: This design challenge saw me create a concept for editorial image to go alongside an existing article for Frankie Magazine on 'History's Deadliest Garb'. Background information on each item: 
1. The crinoline (aka the hoop skirt). Fire hazard, wind hazard. General hazard
2. Stiff, high collars for men dubbed as ‘father killers’ because they could quite easily choke the wearer.
3. Arsenic-dyed dresses – the poison was used to dye absolutely everything green, including homewares. And it was in heaps of other stuff too, like wafers that’d make you pale. Cause that was the goal back then.
4. Radium-painted watches – the glow-in-the-dark, radioactive substance was used on watch dials. The very young, daintily-fingered girls who painted the watches
died from inhaling the radium dust and from using their mouths to sharpen their paint brushes. 
5. Men’s felt dress hats. The wearers were safe from the mercury used in the hats, but the hatters were not. And so we got the mad hatter.
Required: Concept development, Editorial Illustration 

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